Florida Senate - 2023                            (NP)    SR 1734
       By Senator Berman
       26-03558-23                                           20231734__
    1                          Senate Resolution                        
    2         A resolution recognizing and celebrating the
    3         incredible accomplishments of the Florida Atlantic
    4         University men’s basketball team and the university’s
    5         commitment to both academic and athletic excellence,
    6         creating a collegiate brand that is nationally
    7         renowned.
    9         WHEREAS, based in Boca Raton, Florida Atlantic University
   10  (FAU) is a public research university within the State
   11  University System with an outstanding track record of providing
   12  access, excellence, and social mobility to its diverse student
   13  body located across six campuses spanning 110 miles of the
   14  Southeast Florida coastline, and
   15         WHEREAS, the FAU men’s basketball team, the Owls, was
   16  established in 1988 and joined Division I in 1993, where they
   17  first held membership with the ASUN Conference, previously known
   18  as the Trans America Athletic Conference, and
   19         WHEREAS, FAU moved to the Sun Belt Conference in 2004 and
   20  to Conference USA in 2013, and will join the American Athletic
   21  Conference in July 2023, and
   22         WHEREAS, the FAU men’s basketball team achieved a final
   23  overall record of 35-4 for the 2023 season, the best in team
   24  history, and
   25         WHEREAS, FAU’s 20-game winning streak was not only a school
   26  record, but the longest of any team in the nation during the
   27  2023 season, and
   28         WHEREAS, FAU entered the AP Top 25 College Basketball Poll
   29  for the first time in school history, reaching 19th in the
   30  nation, and
   31         WHEREAS, FAU began the NCAA tournament as the No. 9 seed,
   32  the team’s second appearance in tournament history and its first
   33  in 21 years, and
   34         WHEREAS, FAU defeated Memphis 66-65 for its first
   35  tournament win in team history, capped by a Nick Boyd score with
   36  2.5 seconds remaining and Giancarlo Rosado leading the team with
   37  15 points, and
   38         WHEREAS, FAU defeated Fairleigh Dickinson University 78-70,
   39  led by Johnell Davis’s 29-point, 12-rebound, 5-assist, and 5
   40  steal performance, and
   41         WHEREAS, FAU defeated No. 4 seed University of Tennessee
   42  62-55 at Madison Square Garden, thanks to a second-half push led
   43  by Michael Forrest’s 8-0 run, which gave FAU its first lead
   44  since the opening minute of the game, and
   45         WHEREAS, FAU defeated No. 3 seed Kansas State University
   46  79-76 at Madison Square Garden, with a well-rounded performance
   47  featuring 14 points from Vladislav Goldin, 13 points from
   48  Johnell Davis, 17 points from Alijah Martin, and 16 points from
   49  Bryan Greenlee, and
   50         WHEREAS, FAU made its first-ever Final Four, one of nine
   51  teams to ever make it as a No. 9 seed or below, and one of five
   52  teams to make it after entering without a previous tournament
   53  win, and
   54         WHEREAS, FAU valiantly fell 72-71 to San Diego State
   55  University off a last-second buzzer beater at NRG Stadium in
   56  Houston, despite Alijah Martin’s 26-point, 7-rebound, and 1
   57  steal game, and
   58         WHEREAS, FAU’s Final Four appearance will likely have long
   59  lasting positive impacts for the university, its athletic
   60  programs, and this state, NOW, THEREFORE,
   62  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
   64         That the incredible accomplishments of the Florida Atlantic
   65  University men’s basketball team are recognized and celebrated,
   66  as is the university’s commitment to both academic and athletic
   67  excellence, creating a collegiate brand that is nationally
   68  renowned.
   69         BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Senate congratulates team
   70  members Leo Beath, Nicholas Boyd, Tre Carroll, Johnell Davis,
   71  Michael Forrest, Jalen Gaffney, Isaiah Gaines, Vladislav Goldin,
   72  Bryan Greenlee, Jack Johnson, Brenen Lorient, Alijah Martin,
   73  Alejandro Ralat, Giancarlo Rosado, and Brandon Weatherspoon on
   74  their teamwork, blazing new trails for the FAU men’s basketball
   75  program.
   76         BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Senate recognizes the
   77  diligent work of Head Coach Dusty May, along with Assistant
   78  Coaches Todd Abernethy, Kyle Church, and Drew Williamson,
   79  Assistant to the Head Coach Brandon Gilbert, and Director of
   80  Operations KT Harrell, in shaping the Owls into a team of
   81  winners who defy expectations.
   82         BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Senate also recognizes the
   83  university staff who contribute to the operation of the
   84  basketball facility and to the overall success of the team and
   85  the university and the extraordinary efforts of all involved in
   86  the accomplishments of the FAU 2022-2023 men’s basketball team.