2020 Legislature                                  CS for SB 1276
    2         An act relating to the Department of Citrus; creating
    3         s. 601.041, F.S.; establishing the Friends of Florida
    4         Citrus Program within the Department of Citrus;
    5         providing a purpose of the program; providing duties
    6         of the department; authorizing the program to receive
    7         certain funds; requiring funds to be deposited into
    8         the Florida Citrus Advertising Trust Fund; creating
    9         the Friends of Florida Citrus Advisory Council adjunct
   10         to the department; providing for the membership and
   11         duties of the advisory council; amending s. 601.10,
   12         F.S.; authorizing the Department of Citrus to loan
   13         department employees to or share department employees
   14         with specified state and federal entities; authorizing
   15         the department to enter into agreements with such
   16         entities; providing that agreements are subject to
   17         prior approval by the department; requiring the loans
   18         and agreements to comply with certain provisions
   19         governing the intergovernmental interchange of public
   20         employees; deleting provisions setting out the
   21         required work schedule for the department; providing
   22         an effective date.
   24  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   26         Section 1. Section 601.041, Florida Statutes, is created to
   27  read:
   28         601.041 The Friends of Florida Citrus Program; advisory
   29  council.—
   30         (1)The Friends of Florida Citrus Program is established
   31  within the department to provide support and assistance for
   32  existing and future programs within the department.
   33         (a)Through the program, the department shall:
   34         1.Conduct programs and activities related to the
   35  protection and enhancement of the quality and reputation of
   36  Florida citrus fruit and the canned and concentrated products
   37  thereof in domestic and foreign markets.
   38         2.Identify and pursue methods to provide resources and
   39  materials for the programs.
   40         3.Research methods to integrate the resources and
   41  materials identified pursuant to subparagraph 2.
   42         (b)The department may receive donations from private
   43  corporations to support the program. The department shall
   44  deposit donations to the program into the Florida Citrus
   45  Advertising Trust Fund, as established in s. 601.15(7), and such
   46  donations shall be exempt from s. 601.15(7)(a).
   47         (2)The Friends of Florida Citrus Advisory Council, an
   48  advisory council as defined in s. 20.03(7), is established
   49  adjunct to the department. The advisory council shall advise and
   50  provide recommendations to the commission regarding the use of
   51  any funds received for the Friends of Florida Citrus Program.
   52  The advisory council shall operate in a manner consistent with
   53  s. 20.052 and members shall be appointed by the commission.
   54  Initially, the commission shall appoint two members to a term of
   55  4 years, one member to a term of 3 years, one member to a term
   56  of 2 years, and one member to a term of 1 year. Thereafter,
   57  members shall be appointed for 4-year terms. The council shall
   58  consist of the following members:
   59         (a)One member of the commission.
   60         (b)One member recommended by the Florida Citrus Processors
   61  Association.
   62         (c)One member recommended by the statewide voluntary
   63  Florida citrus growers association with the highest membership.
   64         (d)Two at-large members, at the discretion of the
   65  commission.
   66         Section 2. Subsection (3) of section 601.10, Florida
   67  Statutes, is amended to read:
   68         601.10 Powers of the Department of Citrus.—The department
   69  shall have and shall exercise such general and specific powers
   70  as are delegated to it by this chapter and other statutes of the
   71  state, which powers shall include, but are not limited to, the
   72  following:
   73         (3)(a) To pay, or participate in the payment of, premiums
   74  for health, accident, and life insurance for its full-time
   75  employees, pursuant to such rules as the department may adopt,
   76  in addition to the regular salaries of such full-time employees.
   77         (a) The payment of such or similar benefits to its
   78  employees in foreign countries, including, but not limited to,
   79  social security, retirement, and other similar fringe benefit
   80  costs, may be in accordance with laws in effect in the country
   81  of employment, except that no benefits will be payable to
   82  employees not authorized for other state employees, as provided
   83  in the Career Service System.
   84         (b) The department may loan department employees to or
   85  share department employees with other state and federal
   86  agencies, state universities, or the Department of Agriculture
   87  and Consumer Services for marketing and promotion orders
   88  authorized under the authority of the Department of Agriculture
   89  and Consumer Services or its direct support organizations or for
   90  orders adopted under the authority of the United States
   91  Secretary of Agriculture. The department may enter into
   92  agreements with such entity or entities under such terms and
   93  conditions as will benefit the State of Florida, if the agency
   94  or entity with which the employee is loaned or shared reimburses
   95  the State of Florida for all pay and benefits of the employee,
   96  not including a service fee for administration. If the entity
   97  directly pays the loaned or shared employee his or her salary
   98  and benefits, as applicable, an agreement with the department is
   99  not necessary and the employee may work part time with the
  100  department under terms and conditions mutually agreed to by the
  101  department and the employee. All arrangements made pursuant to
  102  this paragraph are subject to prior approval by the department.
  103  Except as otherwise provided, loans and agreements must comply
  104  with s. 112.24 Subject to all applicable rules adopted by the
  105  Department of Management Services, the department shall be
  106  staffed 5 days per week, 40 hours per week, as necessary to
  107  accommodate industry inquiries. However, the executive director,
  108  with the commission’s approval, may establish alternative
  109  schedules for individual department employees to ensure maximum
  110  efficiencies.
  111         Section 3. This act shall take effect July 1, 2020.