Legislative Research: FL H6045 | 2020 | Regular Session

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SessionTitle/DescriptionLast Action
Regular Session

Deletes provisions limiting authority of, and prohibiting, municipalities and counties from functions related to communications service providers; deletes references to, and administration and provisions of Advanced Wireless Infrastructure Deployment...
[H6045 2021 Detail][H6045 2021 Text][H6045 2021 Comments]
Died in Tourism, Infrastructure & Energy Subcommittee
Regular Session

Repeals provisions providing for death penalty for capital felonies and associated provisions.
[H6045 2020 Detail][H6045 2020 Text][H6045 2020 Comments]
Died in Criminal Justice Subcommittee
Regular Session

Removes provision requiring a specified number of units to be provided for affordable housing for eligibility for ad valorem tax reduction.
[H6045 2019 Detail][H6045 2019 Text][H6045 2019 Comments]
Died in Local, Federal and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee
Regular Session

Exempts all aircraft sales or leases from sales & use tax.
[H6045 2018 Detail][H6045 2018 Text][H6045 2018 Comments]
Died in Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee
Regular Session

Deletes provisions providing for death penalty for capital felonies; deletes associated provisions, including provisions relating to representation in death penalty cases, capital collateral representation, jurors in capital cases, prohibiting imposi...
[H6045 2017 Detail][H6045 2017 Text][H6045 2017 Comments]
Died in Criminal Justice Subcommittee, companion bill(s) passed, see HB 1203 (Ch. 2017-114)

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Legislative Citation

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BillRelationshipDateTitleLast Action
S938Similar To2020-03-14Death PenaltyDied in Criminal Justice

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ChapterArticleSectionCitation TypeStatute Text
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948012Amended CodeSee Bill Text

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