Legislative Research: FL H0771 | 2020 | Regular Session

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SessionTitle/DescriptionLast Action
Regular Session

Prohibits child who has been transferred to adult court for criminal prosecution pursuant to direct file from being held in adult jail before hearing; removes references to state attorney's discretion; revises discretionary direct file criteria; ...
[H0771 2021 Detail][H0771 2021 Text][H0771 2021 Comments]
Died in Criminal Justice & Public Safety Subcommittee
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Repeals provisions relating Florida Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law; revises garage liability insurance requirements; revises minimum coverage requirements for proof of financial responsibility for motor vehicles; revises amount of certificate of deposit ...
[H0771 2020 Detail][H0771 2020 Text][H0771 2020 Comments]
Died on Calendar
Regular Session

Requires counties & municipalities to address contamination of recyclable material in specified contracts; prohibits counties & municipalities from requiring collection or transport of contaminated recyclable material by residential recycling collect...
[H0771 2019 Detail][H0771 2019 Text][H0771 2019 Comments]
Vetoed by Governor
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Revises provisions relating to use of office of notary public; authorizes online notarizations & provides requirements & exceptions; provides registration & qualification requirements; authorizes performance of certain notarial acts.
[H0771 2018 Detail][H0771 2018 Text][H0771 2018 Comments]
Died on Calendar
Regular Session

Provides exemption from public records requirements for certain information held by OFR relating to international trust entities & limited service affiliates; authorizes release of such information; authorizes publication of certain information; prov...
[H0771 2017 Detail][H0771 2017 Text][H0771 2017 Comments]
Died in Insurance and Banking Subcommittee, companion bill(s) passed, see CS/CS/HB 435 (Ch. 2017-83), CS/CS/HB 437 (Ch. 2017-84)
Regular Session

Revises contents of employer policy statement with respect to employee drug use; revises frequency of followup testing; revises specimen collection, verification, & documentation procedures; revises requirements for confirmation testing.
[H0771 2016 Detail][H0771 2016 Text][H0771 2016 Comments]
Died in Economic Development and Tourism Subcommittee
Regular Session

Directs DHSMV to develop Take Stock in Children license plate; establishes annual use fee for plate; provides for distribution of use fees received from sale of such plates.
[H0771 2015 Detail][H0771 2015 Text][H0771 2015 Comments]
Died in Highway and Waterway Safety Subcommittee
Regular Session

Transfers administration of provisions relating to secondary metals recyclers from DOR to DOACS; authorizes DOR to share certain confidential information with DOACS; revises application requirements for registration as secondary metals recycler; requ...
[H0771 2014 Detail][H0771 2014 Text][H0771 2014 Comments]
Died in Appropriations Committee
Regular Session

Establishes Florida Innovative Libraries Grant; provides minimum criteria for grant eligibility; establishes report requirements for grant recipients; provides for disposition of digital files; creates Statewide Innovative Libraries Task Force; provi...
[H0771 2013 Detail][H0771 2013 Text][H0771 2013 Comments]
Died in Economic Development and Tourism Subcommittee
Regular Session

Requires law enforcement agencies to provide information to DFS relating to criminal charges filed against licensees; provides for expiration of temporary bail bond agent's license; limits eligibility for reissuance of temporary bail bond agent's lic...
[H0771 2012 Detail][H0771 2012 Text][H0771 2012 Comments]
Died in Insurance and Banking Subcommittee, companion bill(s) passed, see CS/CS/CS/HB 725 (Ch.
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Requires that certain expenditures by state agency for construction project must be separate line item in General Appropriations Act.
[H0771 2011 Detail][H0771 2011 Text][H0771 2011 Comments]
Indefinitely postponed and withdrawn from consideration
Regular Session

Prohibits insurer that issues motor vehicle insurance from using rate, rating schedule, rating manual, or underwriting rule that is not contained in rating manual & is determined in whole or in part on basis of specified characteristics of insured, e...
[H0771 2010 Detail][H0771 2010 Text][H0771 2010 Comments]
Died in Committee on Insurance, Business, & Financial Affairs Policy (GGPC)

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BillRelationshipDateTitleLast Action
S378Similar To2020-03-14Motor Vehicle InsuranceDied in Banking and Insurance
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