Legislative Research: FL H0731 | 2020 | Regular Session

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SessionTitle/DescriptionLast Action
Regular Session

Revises elements of certain animal cruelty offenses; prohibits failure to provide animal adequate shelter; provides criminal penalties.
[H0731 2021 Detail][H0731 2021 Text][H0731 2021 Comments]
Died in Criminal Justice & Public Safety Subcommittee
Regular Session

Revises certain duties of AHCA relating to reporting, oversight, licensure inspections, issuance of licenses, & Medicaid fraud investigations; removes annual assessment on health care entities; removes provisions relating to multiphasic testing cente...
[H0731 2020 Detail][H0731 2020 Text][H0731 2020 Comments]
Chapter No. 2020-156
Regular Session

Creates committee adjunct to DOS for specified purposes; specifies membership of committee; provides for appointment of members & filling of vacancies; prescribing duties of committee & department; requires each state agency to designate census coord...
[H0731 2019 Detail][H0731 2019 Text][H0731 2019 Comments]
Died in Oversight, Transparency and Public Management Subcommittee
Regular Session

Specifying that a home education program is not a school district program and is registered with the district school superintendent only for the purpose of complying with the state's attendance requirements; prohibiting a district school superint...
[H0731 2018 Detail][H0731 2018 Text][H0731 2018 Comments]
Chapter No. 2018-134
Regular Session

Reduces minimum mandatory sentences for certain trafficking offenses; increases threshold amounts for certain trafficking offenses; authorizes downward departures for sentences for certain violations involving trafficking in hydrocodone or oxycodone;...
[H0731 2017 Detail][H0731 2017 Text][H0731 2017 Comments]
Died in Criminal Justice Subcommittee
Regular Session

Revises legislative intent concerning obligations of bail bond agent; specifies that failure to appear requires bond & bonds or money deposited as bail to be forfeited; revises circumstances that require forfeiture to be discharged; revises amount of...
[H0731 2016 Detail][H0731 2016 Text][H0731 2016 Comments]
Died in Regulatory Affairs Committee
Regular Session

Removes provisions requiring certain insurance carriers to provide semiannual reports to OIR; repeals requirements that certain insurance carriers must offer standard, basic, high deductible, & limited health benefit plans; removes requirement that C...
[H0731 2015 Detail][H0731 2015 Text][H0731 2015 Comments]
Chapter No. 2015-121
Regular Session

Establishing the POW-MIA Chair of Honor Memorial; authorizing the Florida chapters of Rolling Thunder, Inc., to fund the memorial; prohibiting the construction and placement of a monument on the premises of the Capitol Complex unless authorized by ge...
[H0731 2014 Detail][H0731 2014 Text][H0731 2014 Comments]
Chapter No. 2014-126
Regular Session

Creates exemption from public records requirements for names of spouses & children of specified active or former sworn or civilian law enforcement personnel; provides for future review & repeal of exemption; creates exemption from public records requ...
[H0731 2013 Detail][H0731 2013 Text][H0731 2013 Comments]
Chapter No. 2013-243
Regular Session

Prohibits person who is required to register as sexual offender or sexual predator & who has been convicted of committing certain offenses in which victim of offense was younger than 12 from permanently residing with unrelated child; provides that pe...
[H0731 2012 Detail][H0731 2012 Text][H0731 2012 Comments]
Died in Criminal Justice Subcommittee
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Urges Congress to ban sale, distribution, & possession of methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDVP).
[H0731 2011 Detail][H0731 2011 Text][H0731 2011 Comments]
Indefinitely postponed and withdrawn from consideration
Regular Session

Revises & provides provisions of Florida Uniform Commercial Code relating to electronic documents of title, warehouse receipts, bills of lading, & other documents of title to conform to revised Article 7 of Uniform Commercial Code as prepared by Nati...
[H0731 2010 Detail][H0731 2010 Text][H0731 2010 Comments]
Chapter No. 2010-131

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