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Regular Session

Urges Congress to repeal Leahy-Smith America Invents Act of 2011.
[H0581 2022 Detail][H0581 2022 Text][H0581 2022 Comments]
Died in Regulatory Reform Subcommittee
Regular Session

Prohibits certain unlawful employment practices against specified employees & job applicants; requires employer to provide written notice of rights to employees & post such notice in conspicuous places on its premises; requires Florida Commission on ...
[H0581 2021 Detail][H0581 2021 Text][H0581 2021 Comments]
Died in Civil Justice & Property Rights Subcommittee
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Requires Commissioner of Education to develop minimum criteria for nonpartisan civic literacy practicum & process to verify successful completion of such practicum; provides requirements for such practicum; requires SBE to annually designate public s...
[H0581 2020 Detail][H0581 2020 Text][H0581 2020 Comments]
Died on Calendar
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Defines "holder of concealed weapons permit" to include certified law enforcement officers; revises definition of "law enforcement officer"; exempts holders of concealed weapons permit from specified county waiting period requirements when purchasing...
[H0581 2019 Detail][H0581 2019 Text][H0581 2019 Comments]
Withdrawn prior to introduction
Regular Session

Authorizes law enforcement agency to issue & serve subpoena in investigation of specified sexual offenses; specifies requirements regarding nondisclosure of information; provides for judicial review of nondisclosure requirements.
[H0581 2018 Detail][H0581 2018 Text][H0581 2018 Comments]
Chapter No. 2018-93
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Authorizes changes to public assistance policy & federal food assistance waivers to conform to federal law & simplify administration; requires DCF to seek federal approval to establish food assistance program resource eligibility standards for applic...
[H0581 2017 Detail][H0581 2017 Text][H0581 2017 Comments]
Died on Calendar
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Directs DVA to contract for study to determine need for additional state veterans' nursing home & most appropriate county for home; directs DVA to submit study to Governor & Legislature; provides study criteria for ranking each county according t...
[H0581 2016 Detail][H0581 2016 Text][H0581 2016 Comments]
Died on Calendar
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Provides exemptions from public records requirements for records relating to certain audio & video recordings made by law enforcement officers & at various locations; provides for future legislative review & repeal of exemptions; provides statement o...
[H0581 2015 Detail][H0581 2015 Text][H0581 2015 Comments]
Withdrawn prior to introduction, companion bill(s) passed, see CS/CS/CS/SB 248 (Ch. 2015-41)
Regular Session

Adds projected flood losses to factors that must be considered by OIR in reviewing certain rate filings; increases membership of Florida Commission on Hurricane Loss Projection Methodology; requires commission to adopt standards & guidelines rela...
[H0581 2014 Detail][H0581 2014 Text][H0581 2014 Comments]
Died in Insurance and Banking Subcommittee, companion bill(s) passed, see CS/CS/CS/SB 542 (Ch. 2014-80), SB 1262 (Ch. 2014-98)
Regular Session

Prohibits contract between health insurer, prepaid limited health service organization, or HMO & dentist from requiring dentist to provide services at set fee unless the services are covered services; provides covered services are those services list...
[H0581 2013 Detail][H0581 2013 Text][H0581 2013 Comments]
Died in Insurance and Banking Subcommittee
Regular Session

Authorizes tax collector to charge for reimbursement of costs for providing online tax deed application services.
[H0581 2012 Detail][H0581 2012 Text][H0581 2012 Comments]
Died in Finance and Tax Committee
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Provides legislative intent that forensic services be provided to person charged with misdemeanor as well as felony offense; conforms provisions.
[H0581 2011 Detail][H0581 2011 Text][H0581 2011 Comments]
Indefinitely postponed and withdrawn from consideration
Regular Session

(Introduced - Dead)
Specifies limited statute of limitations for specified deficiency judgments; requires claims for deficiency connected with foreclosure actions to be filed within specified time after foreclosure sale; provides exception for participation in Florida M...
[H0581 2010 Detail][H0581 2010 Text][H0581 2010 Comments]
Withdrawn from Civil Justice & Courts Policy (CCJP); Insurance, Business, & Financial Affairs Policy (GGPC); Criminal & Civil Justice Policy Council; Withdrawn prior to introduction -HJ 00054

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