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FLH0397FailRequires DOH to send list of certain providers of adult cardiovascular services to specified persons & entities; requires DOH to develop specified assessment tool; requires development & implementation of protocols; requires 911 public safety telecom...
Died in Health & Human Services Committee
FLH1233IntroRequires licensure to practice genetic counseling; provides licensure, licensure renewal, & continuing education requirements; prohibits certain acts; provides penalties & grounds for disciplinary action; authorizes DOH to enter certain orders; provi...
Laid on Table, refer to CS/SB 1770, 1st Eng.
FLH5201IntroRevises requirement relating to contribution by residents of certain health care facilities; requires nursing homes to annually submit to AHCA financial data; extends postpartum Medicaid eligibility period for pregnant women; revises provisions relat...
Laid on Table, refer to SB 2518
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