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FLH0023PassEstablishing standards of practice for telehealth providers; authorizing certain telehealth providers to use telehealth to prescribe certain controlled substances under specified circumstances; providing registration requirements for out-of-state tel...
Chapter No. 2019-137
FLH1027PassRequires OEL to develop certain training & course standards for school readiness program providers; provides requirements for such training & standards; requires such training & standards to be integrated into certain preservice and inservice trainin...
Chapter No. 2019-126
FLH0207PassRevises minimum requirements for adoption of impact fees by specified local governments; exempts water & sewer connection fees from Florida Impact Fee Act.
Chapter No. 2019-106
FLH0741PassDefines "anti-Semitism"; prohibits discrimination in Florida K-20 public education system based on religion; requires public K-20 educational institutions to consider anti-Semitism under certain instances of discrimination.
Chapter No. 2019-59
FLH7065PassProviding requirements and limitations for property insurance assignment agreements; providing a burden of proof; providing that an assignment agreement does not affect managed repair arrangements under a property insurance policy; providing that an ...
Chapter No. 2019-57
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