Roll Call: AR HB1960 | 2015 | 90th General Assembly

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Bill Title: To Regulate The Branding And Marking Of Livestock; And To Allow The Arkansas Livestock And Poultry Commission To Contract With A Private Entity To Administer The Requirements For Branding And Marking Livestock.

Spectrum: Partisan Bill (Democrat 1-0)

Status: (Passed) 2015-04-02 - Notification that HB1960 is now Act 965 [HB1960 Detail]

Text: Latest bill text (Chaptered) [PDF]

Senate amendment # 1 read and concurred in.

Not Voting---

Result: Passed

Rep. Charles Armstrong [D]
Rep. Eddie Armstrong [D]
Rep. John Baine [D]
Rep. Scott Baltz [D]
Rep. Rick Beck [R]
Rep. Nate Bell [R]
Rep. Camille Bennett [D]
Rep. Mary Bentley [R]
Rep. Charles Blake [D]
Rep. Justin Boyd [R]
Rep. Kenneth Bragg [R]
Rep. David Branscum [R]
Rep. Mary Broadaway [D]
Rep. Karilyn Brown [R]
Rep. Charles Collins [R]
Rep. Bruce Cozart [R]
Rep. Andy Davis [R]
Rep. Gary Deffenbaugh [R]
Rep. Jana Della Rosa [R]
Rep. Jim Dotson [R]
Rep. Charlotte Douglas [R]
Rep. Dan Douglas [R]
Rep. Trevor Drown [R]
Sen. Lance Eads [R]
Rep. Les Eaves [R]
Rep. Jon Eubanks [R]
Rep. Joe Farrer [R]
Rep. Deborah Ferguson [D]
Rep. David Fielding [D]
Rep. Charlene Fite [R]
Rep. Lanny Fite [R]
Rep. Vivian Flowers [D]
Rep. Mickey Gates [R]
Rep. Justin Gonzales [R]
Rep. Michelle Gray [R]
Rep. Michael Gray [D]
Sen. Kim Hammer [R]
Rep. Justin Harris [R]
Rep. Kenneth Henderson [R]
Rep. Kim Hendren [R]
Rep. Mary Hickerson [R]
Rep. David Hillman [R]
Rep. Grant Hodges [R]
Rep. Monte Hodges [D]
Rep. Mike Holcomb [D]
Rep. Douglas House [R]
Rep. Lane Jean [R]
Rep. Logan Jett [R]
Rep. J.P. Johnson [D]
Rep. Jack Ladyman [R]
Rep. Sheilla Lampkin [D]
Sen. Greg Leding [D]
Rep. Tim Lemons [R]
Rep. Kelley Linck [R]
Rep. Frederick Love [D]
Rep. Mark Lowery [R]
Rep. Robin Lundstrum [R]
Rep. Stephen Magie [D]
Rep. Julie Mayberry [R]
Rep. Mark McElroy [D]
Rep. Ron Mcnair [R]
Rep. David Meeks [R]
Rep. Stephen Meeks [R]
Rep. Micah Neal [R]
Rep. Milton Nicks [D]
Rep. Betty Overbey [D]
Rep. John Payton [R]
Rep. Rebecca Petty [R]
Sen. Matthew Pitsch [R]
Rep. James Ratliff [D]
Rep. Chris Richey [D]
Rep. Marcus Richmond [R]
Rep. Laurie Rushing [R]
Rep. Warwick Sabin [D]
Rep. Sue Scott [R]
Rep. Matthew Shepherd [R]
Rep. Brandt Smith [R]
Rep. Jim Sorvillo [R]
Rep. Nelda Speaks [R]
Sen. James Sturch [R]
Rep. Dan Sullivan [R]
Rep. Brent Talley [D]
Rep. Dwight Tosh [R]
Rep. Clarke Tucker [D]
Rep. Deann Vaught [R]
Rep. John Vines [D]
Rep. John Walker [D]
Sen. David Wallace [R]
Rep. Jeff Wardlaw [R]
Rep. David Whitaker [D]
Rep. Richard Womack [R]
Rep. Marshall Wright [D]