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StanceStateBillStatusSummary/TitleLast Actionsort icon
ARSB538PassTo Amend Provisions Of The Code With Respect To Open-enrollment Public Charter School And Traditional Public School Waivers; And To Amend Provisions Concerning Schools Of Innovation.
Notification that SB538 is now Act 815
ARSB204PassConcerning Internet Protocol Address Geolocation Information In An Emergency Situation.
Notification that SB204 is now Act 584
ARSB307PassTo Amend Provisions Of The Arkansas Code Concerning Ethical Violations By Arkansas Educators.
Notification that SB307 is now Act 475
ARSB343PassTo Create The Arkansas Concurrent Challenge Scholarship.
Notification that SB343 is now Act 456
ARSB114PassTo Amend The Law Concerning The Appointment Of City Treasurer In A City Of The Second Class And An Incorporated Town.
Notification that SB114 is now Act 234
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