Roll Call: AL SB450 | 2010 | Regular Session

For additional roll call votes on Alabama SB450 please see the Vote List
Bill Title: Jackson Co. and DeKalb Co., Industrial Development Authority, established to promote property near Northeast Alabama Community College, members

Spectrum: Partisan Bill (Democrat 1-0)

Status: (Passed) 2010-04-22 - Forwarded to Governor on April 22, 2010 at 1:25 p.m. on April 22, 2010 [SB450 Detail]

Text: Latest bill text (Enrolled) [PDF]

Motion to Read a Third Time and Pass

Not Voting11-

Result: Passed

Sen. Gerald Allen [R]
Rep. Alan Baker [R]
Rep. Locy Baker [D]
Rep. Mike Ball [R]
Rep. George Bandy [D]
Rep. Jim Barton [R]
Sen. William Beasley [D]
Rep. Elaine Beech [D]
Rep. Robert Bentley [R]
Rep. Marcel Black [D]
Rep. Alan Boothe [R]
Rep. Barbara Boyd [D]
Rep. Harry Bridges [R]
Rep. K.L. Brown [R]
Rep. James Buskey [D]
Rep. Gregory Canfield [R]
Rep. Steve Clouse [R]
Rep. Merika Coleman-Evans [D]
Rep. Jack Collier [R]
Rep. Mike Curtis [D]
Rep. Randy Davis [R]
Rep. Paul DeMarco [R]
Rep. Dickie Drake [R]
Rep. Bill Dukes [D]
Rep. Christopher England [D]
Rep. Joe Faust [R]
Rep. James Fields [D]
Rep. Chad Fincher [R]
Rep. Craig Ford [D]
Rep. Blaine Galliher [R]
Rep. Victor Gaston [R]
Rep. H Gipson [R]
Rep. James Gordon [D]
Rep. Betty Graham [D]
Rep. Ronald Grantland [D]
Rep. Todd Greeson [R]
Rep. David Grimes [R]
Rep. Ken Guin [D]
Rep. Laura Hall [D]
Rep. Seth Hammett [D]
Rep. Micky Hammon [R]
Rep. Alan Harper [R]
Rep. Mike Hill [R]
Rep. Earl Hilliard [D]
Rep. Randy Hinshaw [D]
Rep. Alvin Holmes [D]
Rep. Ralph Howard [D]
Rep. Joseph Hubbard [D]
Rep. Stephen Hurst [R]
Sen. Tammy Irons [D]
Rep. James Ison [R]
Rep. Thomas Jackson [D]
Rep. Ronald Johnson [R]
Rep. Yvonne Kennedy [D]
Rep. John Knight [D]
Rep. Richard Laird [D]
Rep. Benjamin Lewis [R]
Rep. Richard Lindsey [D]
Rep. Jay Love [R]
Rep. James Martin [R]
Rep. Barry Mask [R]
Rep. Lawrence McAdory [D]
Rep. Artis McCampbell [D]
Rep. Thad McClammy [D]
Sen. Jim McClendon [R]
Rep. Mary McClurkin [R]
Rep. Mac McCutcheon [R]
Rep. Frank McDaniel [D]
Rep. Jeff McLaughlin [D]
Rep. Steve McMillan [R]
Rep. Mike Millican [R]
Rep. Joseph Mitchell [D]
Rep. Mary Moore [D]
Rep. Pat Moore [R]
Rep. Johnny Morrow [D]
Rep. Charles Newton [D]
Rep. Demetrius Newton [D]
Rep. Jeremy Oden [R]
Rep. John Page [D]
Rep. Arthur Payne [R]
Rep. John Robinson [D]
Rep. Oliver Robinson [D]
Rep. John Rogers [D]
Rep. Yusuf Salaam [D]
Rep. Howard Sanderford [R]
Rep. Roderick Scott [D]
Rep. Tommy Sherer [D]
Rep. Harry Shiver [R]
Rep. Terry Spicer [D]
Rep. Butch Taylor [D]
Rep. William Thigpen [D]
Rep. Elwyn Thomas [R]
Rep. James Thomas [D]
Rep. Patricia Todd [D]
Rep. Allen Treadaway [R]
Rep. Lesley Vance [R]
Sen. Robert Ward [R]
Rep. Pebblin Warren [D]
Rep. Henry White [D]
Rep. Jack Williams [R]
Rep. Phil Williams [R]
Rep. Randy Wood [R]
Rep. Gregory Wren [R]