Roll Call: AL HB363 | 2012 | Regular Session

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Bill Title: Methamphetamines, further regulation of the sale of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine products, licensed pharmacies solely authorized to sell, criminal penalties enhanced, membership of Alabama Drug Abuse Task Force revised, Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center to create an electronic drug offender tracking system, Secs. 13A-12-260, 20-2-190 am'd; Sec. 20-2-190.2 added

Spectrum: Partisan Bill (Republican 1-0)

Status: (Passed) 2012-04-19 - Forwarded to Governor on April 19, 2012 at 3:30 p. m. on April 19, 2012. [HB363 Detail]

Text: Latest bill text (Enrolled) [PDF]

Motion to Read a Third Time and Pass

Not Voting11-

Result: Passed

NameYeaNayNot VotingAbsent
Rep. Alan Baker [R]
Rep. Mike Ball [R]
Rep. George Bandy [D]
Rep. Jim Barton [R]
Rep. Richard Baughn [R]
Rep. Paul Beckman [R]
Rep. Elaine Beech [D]
Rep. Marcel Black [D]
Rep. Daniel Boman [R]
Rep. Alan Boothe [R]
Rep. Barbara Boyd [D]
Rep. Napoleon Bracy [D]
Rep. Harry Bridges [R]
Rep. K.L. Brown [R]
Rep. Greg Burdine [D]
Rep. James Buskey [D]
Rep. Mac Buttram [R]
Rep. Jim Carns [R]
Rep. Donnie Chesteen [R]
Rep. Steve Clouse [R]
Rep. Merika Coleman-Evans [D]
Rep. Terri Collins [R]
Rep. David Colston [D]
Rep. Randy Davis [R]
Rep. Paul DeMarco [R]
Rep. Dickie Drake [R]
Rep. Christopher England [D]
Rep. Allen Farley [R]
Rep. Joe Faust [R]
Rep. Chad Fincher [R]
Rep. Craig Ford [D]
Rep. Berry Forte [D]
Rep. Blaine Galliher [R]
Rep. Victor Gaston [R]
Rep. Juandalynn Givan [D]
Rep. Lynn Greer [R]
Rep. Todd Greeson [R]
Rep. Dexter Grimsley [D]
Rep. Laura Hall [D]
Rep. Micky Hammon [R]
Rep. Alan Harper [R]
Rep. Ed Henry [R]
Rep. Mike Hill [R]
Rep. Alvin Holmes [D]
Rep. Ralph Howard [D]
Rep. Joseph Hubbard [D]
Rep. Mike Hubbard [R]
Rep. Stephen Hurst [R]
Rep. James Ison [R]
Rep. Thomas Jackson [D]
Rep. Ken Johnson [R]
Rep. Ronald Johnson [R]
Rep. Wayne Johnson [R]
Rep. Mike Jones [R]
Rep. Yvonne Kennedy [D]
Rep. John Knight [D]
Rep. Richard Laird [D]
Rep. Paul Lee [R]
Rep. Richard Lindsey [D]
Rep. Wes Long [R]
Rep. Jay Love [R]
Rep. Barry Mask [R]
Rep. Lawrence McAdory [D]
Rep. Artis McCampbell [D]
Rep. Thad McClammy [D]
Sen. Jim McClendon [R]
Rep. Mary McClurkin [R]
Rep. Mac McCutcheon [R]
Rep. Steve McMillan [R]
Rep. Darrio Melton [D]
Rep. John Merrill [R]
Rep. Mike Millican [R]
Rep. Joseph Mitchell [D]
Rep. Barry Moore [R]
Rep. Mary Moore [D]
Rep. Johnny Morrow [D]
Rep. Charles Newton [D]
Rep. Demetrius Newton [D]
Rep. Becky Nordgren [R]
Rep. Jeremy Oden [R]
Rep. Jim Patterson [R]
Rep. Arthur Payne [R]
Rep. William Poole [R]
Rep. Kerry Rich [R]
Rep. William Roberts [R]
Rep. John Robinson [D]
Rep. Oliver Robinson [D]
Rep. John Rogers [D]
Rep. Howard Sanderford [R]
Rep. Roderick Scott [D]
Rep. David Sessions [R]
Rep. Harry Shiver [R]
Rep. Elwyn Thomas [R]
Rep. Patricia Todd [D]
Rep. Allen Treadaway [R]
Rep. Mark Tuggle [R]
Rep. Lesley Vance [R]
Rep. Kurt Wallace [R]
Rep. Pebblin Warren [D]
Rep. April Weaver [R]
Rep. Dan Williams [R]
Rep. Jack Williams [R]
Rep. Phil Williams [R]
Rep. Randy Wood [R]
Rep. Gregory Wren [R]