Roll Call: AL HB348 | 2010 | Regular Session

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Bill Title: Drug courts, presiding judge of judicial circuit with consent of district attorney authorized to establish, drug offenders, screening, treatment, support services, and drug testing, referrals to certain programs for treatment, Administrative Office of Courts required to assist in planning, developing, and implementing of drug courts, Drug Offender Accountability Act

Spectrum: Partisan Bill (Democrat 10-0)

Status: (Passed) 2010-04-22 - Forwarded to Governor at 11:00 a.m. on April 22, 2010. [HB348 Detail]

Text: Latest bill text (Enrolled) [PDF]

Motion to Read a Third Time and Pass

Not Voting0--

Result: Passed

NameYeaNayNot VotingAbsent
Sen. Gerald Allen [R]
Rep. Alan Baker [R]
Rep. Locy Baker [D]
Rep. Mike Ball [R]
Rep. George Bandy [D]
Rep. Jim Barton [R]
Sen. William Beasley [D]
Rep. Elaine Beech [D]
Rep. Robert Bentley [R]
Rep. Marcel Black [D]
Rep. Alan Boothe [R]
Rep. Barbara Boyd [D]
Rep. Harry Bridges [R]
Rep. K.L. Brown [R]
Rep. James Buskey [D]
Rep. Gregory Canfield [R]
Rep. Steve Clouse [R]
Rep. Merika Coleman-Evans [D]
Rep. Jack Collier [R]
Rep. Mike Curtis [D]
Rep. Randy Davis [R]
Rep. Paul DeMarco [R]
Rep. Dickie Drake [R]
Rep. Bill Dukes [D]
Rep. Christopher England [D]
Rep. Joe Faust [R]
Rep. James Fields [D]
Rep. Chad Fincher [R]
Rep. Craig Ford [D]
Rep. Blaine Galliher [R]
Rep. Victor Gaston [R]
Rep. H Gipson [R]
Rep. James Gordon [D]
Rep. Betty Graham [D]
Rep. Ronald Grantland [D]
Rep. Todd Greeson [R]
Rep. David Grimes [R]
Rep. Ken Guin [D]
Rep. Laura Hall [D]
Rep. Seth Hammett [D]
Rep. Micky Hammon [R]
Rep. Alan Harper [R]
Rep. Mike Hill [R]
Rep. Earl Hilliard [D]
Rep. Randy Hinshaw [D]
Rep. Alvin Holmes [D]
Rep. Ralph Howard [D]
Rep. Joseph Hubbard [D]
Rep. Stephen Hurst [R]
Sen. Tammy Irons [D]
Rep. James Ison [R]
Rep. Thomas Jackson [D]
Rep. Ronald Johnson [R]
Rep. Yvonne Kennedy [D]
Rep. John Knight [D]
Rep. Richard Laird [D]
Rep. Benjamin Lewis [R]
Rep. Richard Lindsey [D]
Rep. Jay Love [R]
Rep. James Martin [R]
Rep. Barry Mask [R]
Rep. Lawrence McAdory [D]
Rep. Artis McCampbell [D]
Rep. Thad McClammy [D]
Sen. Jim McClendon [R]
Rep. Mary McClurkin [R]
Rep. Mac McCutcheon [R]
Rep. Frank McDaniel [D]
Rep. Jeff McLaughlin [D]
Rep. Steve McMillan [R]
Rep. Mike Millican [R]
Rep. Joseph Mitchell [D]
Rep. Mary Moore [D]
Rep. Pat Moore [R]
Rep. Johnny Morrow [D]
Rep. Charles Newton [D]
Rep. Demetrius Newton [D]
Rep. Jeremy Oden [R]
Rep. John Page [D]
Rep. Arthur Payne [R]
Rep. John Robinson [D]
Rep. Oliver Robinson [D]
Rep. John Rogers [D]
Rep. Yusuf Salaam [D]
Rep. Howard Sanderford [R]
Rep. Roderick Scott [D]
Rep. Tommy Sherer [D]
Rep. Harry Shiver [R]
Rep. Terry Spicer [D]
Rep. Butch Taylor [D]
Rep. William Thigpen [D]
Rep. Elwyn Thomas [R]
Rep. James Thomas [D]
Rep. Patricia Todd [D]
Rep. Allen Treadaway [R]
Rep. Lesley Vance [R]
Sen. Robert Ward [R]
Rep. Pebblin Warren [D]
Rep. Henry White [D]
Rep. Jack Williams [R]
Rep. Phil Williams [R]
Rep. Randy Wood [R]
Rep. Gregory Wren [R]