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ALSB297EngrossCottage food production operations, baked goods and roasted coffees, exempt from obtaining food service permit from health department, labeling of baked goods, other food items, food safety course required, Sec. 22-20-5.1 am'd.
[Hearing: Mar 20 @ 1:30 pm]
To House County and Municipal Government Committee
ALSB15EngrossLegislature, House or Senate, vacancies, if less than two years left in term, gov. would appt., adding new Sec. 46, const. amend.
Pending third reading on day 19 Favorable from Constitution, Campaigns and Elections
ALSB235IntroInsurance contracts, homeowners, discounts for wind mitigation, evidence of certification in lieu of construction records, Secs. 27-31D-1, 27-31D-2 am'd.
Pending third reading on day 14 Favorable from Banking and Insurance
ALSB4IntroFire Departments, non-volunteer, diesel exhaust system installed in the fire station building, required within certain time frame and under certain conditions
To Senate Governmental Affairs Committee
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