LegiScan Feature Overview

In the modern world of legislation, having information about the laws that affect daily life for all Americans is more important than ever. However tracking the happenings from your local state legislature to the of actions in every capitol around the country up to national Congressional regulations is a daunting task.

At LegiScan we recognize that fact and the significance of being informed and engaged about the results of elected legislators. Whether you need to focus on a single state or track any of the 150,000 bills each year, we provide the first service that brings all of that information together into a single uniform interface. With over 10 years of servicing clients from public agencies, non-profit & trade associations up to national law firms and corporations; we have developed the tools and technology to save time and enhance analysis and communication.

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OneVote OneVote+ GAITS Professional LegiScan API

Free public service for concerned individuals monitoring a single state and Congress.

For more active users that require tracking multiple states or expanded monitoring lists.

Professional service with custom client/issue tracking and advanced reporting features.

Web service for the national legislative database providing structured JSON or XML data streams.


  • 25 monitoring list slots
  • National legislative search engine
  • Ability to save searches and access via RSS
  • Private RSS feeds for monitoring list, saved searches and drilldown views
  • Email alerts reports weekly for monitored bills


  • Unlimited monitoring list slots
  • Optional multi-state monitoring
  • Simple bill classification
  • Important bill highlighting
  • Basic PDF report generation
  • Email alerts available in PDF format


  • Multiple users with shared monitoring list
  • Unlimited monitoring list slots
  • General and client specific notes
  • Individual bill priority
  • Insights browser to identify related legislation
  • Advanced real-time PDF reporting
  • Email alerts for daily status updates and saved searches
  • Priority service and support


  • Real-time legislative database
  • Detailed bill information including history, full bill text, sponsor, roll call votes and meta data
  • Push or Pull API interface
  • White box and redistribution options
  • API access to the national full text search engine
  • Advanced service and support
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