Roll Call: VT H0200 | 2013-2014 | Regular Session

For additional roll call votes on Vermont H0200 please see the Vote List
Bill Title: An Act Relating To Civil Penalties For Possession Of Marijuana

Status: (Passed) 2013-05-15 - Signed by Governor on 6/6/13 [H0200 Detail]

Text: Latest bill text (Chaptered) [PDF]

Vote: Shall the bill be read a third time?

Yea: 98
Nay: 44
NV: 1
Absent: 7

Result: Passed
NameYeaNayNot VotingAbsent
Rep. Greshin, AdamSupport
Rep. Pearce, Albert "Chuck"Oppose
Rep. Emmons, Alice M.Support
Rep. Miller, AliceSupport
Rep. Clarkson, Alison H.Support
Rep. Donaghy, AndyOppose
Rep. Manwaring, AnnOppose
Rep. Pugh, AnnSupport
Rep. Donahue, Anne B.Support
Rep. Gallivan, AnneSupport
Rep. Mook, Anne H.Support
Rep. O'Brien, Anne TheresaSupport
Rep. Rachelson, BarbaraSupport
Rep. Bernie JuskiewiczOppose
Rep. Nuovo, Betty A.Support
Rep. Botzow, BillSupport
Rep. Bill CanfieldOppose
Rep. Frank, BillSupport
Rep. Bouchard, BobOppose
Rep. Helm, BobOppose
Rep. Krebs, BobOppose
Rep. Campion, BrianSupport
Rep. Savage, Brian K.Oppose
Rep. Partridge, Carolyn W.Support
Rep. Branagan, Carolyn WhitneyOppose
Rep. Charles GoodwinSupport
Rep. Conquest, ChipSupport
Rep. Pearson, ChristopherSupport
Rep. Cindy WeedSupport
Rep. Bissonnette, ClemOppose
Rep. Connie QuimbyOppose
Rep. Curt McCormackSupport
Rep. Browning, CynthiaOppose
Rep. Martin, CynthiaSupport
Rep. Dan ConnorSupport
Rep. Potter, DaveAbsent
Rep. Sharpe, DaveSupport
Rep. Deen, David L.Support
Rep. Evans, DebbieAbsent
Rep. Devereux, Dennis J.Oppose
Rep. Lanpher, DianeOppose
Rep. Turner, DonOppose
Rep. Sweaney, DonnaSupport
Rep. Doug GageOppose
Rep. Kilmartin, Duncan F.Oppose
Rep. Dickinson, Eileen "Lynn"Oppose
Rep. McFaun, Francis "Topper"Oppose
Rep. Cross, GeorgeSupport
Rep. Till, George W.Absent
Rep. Smith, HarveyOppose
Rep. Scheuermann, Heidi E.Support
Rep. Head, HelenSupport
Rep. Russell, HerbertOppose
Rep. Ancel, JanetSupport
Rep. O'Sullivan, JeanSupport
Rep. Wilson, JeffSupport
Rep. Krowinski, Jill|Support
Rep. Condon, JimSupport
Rep. Masland, JimSupport
Rep. McCullough, JimSupport
Rep. Lenes, Joan G.Oppose
Rep. Cole, JoannaSupport
Rep. Donovan, Johannah LeddySupport
Rep. Bartholomew, John L.Support
Rep. Moran, JohnSupport
Rep. Malcolm, John W.Support
Rep. Webb, KateSupport
Rep. Keenan, Kathleen C.Support
Rep. Ram, Kesha K.Support
Rep. Christie, Kevin "Coach"Support
Rep. Toll, Kitty BeattieSupport
Rep. Michelsen, KristinaSupport
Rep. Spengler, KristySupport
Rep. Wright, KurtSupport
Rep. Larry CupoliOppose
Rep. Townsend, LarryOppose
Rep. Dakin, LeighSupport
Rep. Larocque, LeighSupport
Rep. Martin, Linda J.Absent
Rep. Waite-Simpson, Linda J.Support
Rep. Myers, Linda K.Oppose
Rep. Batchelor, LynnOppose
Rep. Townsend, MaidaSupport
Rep. Cheney, MargaretAbsent
Rep. Mitchell, Mark B.Support
Rep. Higley, MarkOppose
Rep. Huntley, MarkSupport
Rep. Woodward, MarkSupport
Rep. Heath, MarthaSupport
Rep. Marty FeltusSupport
Rep. Morrissey, Mary A.Oppose
Rep. Hooper, Mary S.Support
Rep. Trieber, MatthewSupport
Rep. Grad, Maxine JoSupport
Rep. Fisher, MichaelSupport
Rep. Hebert, MichaelOppose
Rep. Marcotte, MichaelOppose
Rep. Mrowicki, MichaelSupport
Rep. Consejo, MichelSupport
Rep. Kupersmith, Michele FerlandSupport
Rep. Fay, MichelleSupport
Rep. Mike McCarthySupport
Rep. Yantachka, MikeSupport
Rep. Johnson, MitziSupport
Rep. Burke, Mollie S.Support
Rep. Brennan, PatrickOppose
Rep. French, PatsySupport
Rep. Lewis, Patti J.Support
Rep. Komline, PattiSupport
Rep. Poirier, Paul N.Support
Rep. Ralston, PaulAbsent
Rep. Fagan, Peter J.Oppose
Rep. Peltz, PeterSupport
Rep. Winters, Philip C.Oppose
Rep. Ellis, RebeccaSupport
Rep. Marek, Richard J.Support
Rep. Lawrence, RichardOppose
Rep. South, RobertAbsent
Rep. Hubert, Ronald E.Oppose
Rep. Young, SamSupport
Rep. Haas, SandySupport
Rep. Copeland-Hanzas, SarahSupport
Rep. Buxton, Sarah E.Support
Rep. Smith, ShapNot Voting
Rep. Shaw, CharlesOppose
Rep. Shaw, LorenOppose
Rep. Vowinkel, SheilaSupport
Rep. Steve BeyorOppose
Rep. Steve CarrSupport
Rep. Davis, SusanSupport
Rep. Wizowaty, SuziSupport
Rep. Zagar, TeoSupport
Rep. Macaig, TerrySupport
Rep. Taylor, TessSupport
Rep. Koch, Thomas F. "Tom"Support
Rep. Terenzini, ThomasOppose
Rep. Jerman, TimSupport
Rep. Corcoran, Timothy R.Oppose
Rep. Burditt, TomSupport
Rep. Stevens, TomSupport
Rep. Klein, TonySupport
Rep. Toleno, TristanSupport
Rep. Stuart, Valerie A.Support
Rep. Strong, VickiOppose
Rep. Kitzmiller, Warren F.Support
Rep. Van Wyck, WarrenOppose
Rep. Stevens, WillSupport
Rep. Jewett, WillemSupport
Rep. Johnson, William F.Oppose
Rep. Lippert, William J.Support