Roll Call: VT H0200 | 2013-2014 | Regular Session

For additional roll call votes on Vermont H0200 please see the Vote List
Bill Title: An Act Relating To Civil Penalties For Possession Of Marijuana

Status: (Passed) 2013-05-15 - Signed by Governor on 6/6/13 [H0200 Detail]

Text: Latest bill text (Chaptered) [PDF]

Vote: Shall the bill be read a third time?

Yea: 98
Nay: 44
NV: 1
Absent: 7

Result: Passed
NameYeaNayNot VotingAbsent
Rep. Janet AncelSupport
Rep. John BartholomewSupport
Rep. Lynn BatchelorOppose
Rep. Steve BeyorOppose
Rep. Clement BissonnetteOppose
Rep. William BotzowSupport
Rep. Bob BouchardOppose
Rep. Carolyn BranaganOppose
Rep. Patrick BrennanOppose
Rep. Cynthia BrowningOppose
Rep. Tom BurdittSupport
Rep. Mollie BurkeSupport
Rep. Sarah BuxtonSupport
Sen. Brian CampionSupport
Rep. William CanfieldOppose
Rep. Stephen CarrSupport
Rep. Margaret CheneyAbsent
Rep. Kevin ChristieSupport
Rep. Alison ClarksonSupport
Rep. Joanna ColeSupport
Rep. Jim CondonSupport
Rep. Daniel ConnorSupport
Rep. Chip ConquestSupport
Rep. Michel ConsejoSupport
Rep. Sarah Copeland-HanzasSupport
Rep. Timothy CorcoranOppose
Rep. George CrossSupport
Rep. Larry CupoliOppose
Rep. Leigh DakinSupport
Rep. Susan DavisSupport
Rep. David DeenSupport
Rep. Dennis DevereuxOppose
Rep. Eileen DickinsonOppose
Rep. Andy DonaghyOppose
Rep. Anne DonahueSupport
Rep. Johannah DonovanSupport
Rep. Rebecca EllisSupport
Rep. Alice EmmonsSupport
Rep. Debbie EvansAbsent
Rep. Peter FaganOppose
Rep. Michelle FaySupport
Rep. Martha FeltusSupport
Rep. Michael FisherSupport
Rep. William FrankSupport
Rep. Patsy FrenchSupport
Rep. Douglas GageOppose
Rep. Anne GallivanSupport
Rep. Charles GoodwinSupport
Rep. Maxine GradSupport
Rep. Adam GreshinSupport
Rep. Sandy HaasSupport
Rep. Helen HeadSupport
Rep. Martha HeathSupport
Rep. Michael HebertOppose
Rep. Robert HelmOppose
Rep. Mark HigleyOppose
Rep. Mary HooperSupport
Rep. Ronald HubertOppose
Rep. Mark HuntleySupport
Rep. Tim JermanSupport
Rep. Willem JewettSupport
Rep. Mitzi JohnsonSupport
Rep. William JohnsonOppose
Rep. Bernard JuskiewiczOppose
Rep. Kathleen KeenanSupport
Rep. Duncan KilmartinOppose
Rep. Warren KitzmillerSupport
Rep. Anthony KleinSupport
Rep. Thomas KochSupport
Rep. Patti KomlineSupport
Rep. Robert KrebsOppose
Rep. Jill KrowinskiSupport
Rep. Michele KupersmithSupport
Rep. Diane LanpherOppose
Rep. Leigh LarocqueSupport
Rep. Richard LawrenceOppose
Rep. Joan LenesOppose
Rep. Patti LewisSupport
Rep. William LippertSupport
Rep. Terence MacaigSupport
Rep. John MalcolmSupport
Rep. Ann ManwaringOppose
Rep. Michael MarcotteOppose
Rep. Richard MarekSupport
Rep. Cynthia MartinSupport
Rep. Linda MartinAbsent
Rep. James MaslandSupport
Rep. Mike McCarthySupport
Rep. Curt McCormackSupport
Rep. Jim McCulloughSupport
Rep. Francis McFaunOppose
Rep. Kristina MichelsenSupport
Rep. Alice MillerSupport
Rep. Mark MitchellSupport
Rep. Anne MookSupport
Rep. John MoranSupport
Rep. Mary MorrisseyOppose
Rep. Michael MrowickiSupport
Rep. Linda MyersOppose
Rep. Betty NuovoSupport
Rep. Anne O'BrienSupport
Rep. Jean O'SullivanSupport
Rep. Carolyn PartridgeSupport
Rep. Albert PearceOppose
Rep. Christopher PearsonSupport
Rep. Peter PeltzSupport
Rep. Paul PoirierSupport
Rep. Dave PotterAbsent
Rep. Ann PughSupport
Rep. Connie QuimbyOppose
Rep. Barbara RachelsonSupport
Rep. Paul RalstonAbsent
Rep. Kesha RamSupport
Rep. Herb RussellOppose
Rep. Brian SavageOppose
Rep. Heidi ScheuermannSupport
Rep. David SharpeSupport
Rep. Charles ShawOppose
Rep. Loren ShawOppose
Rep. Harvey SmithOppose
Rep. Shap SmithNot Voting
Rep. Robert SouthAbsent
Rep. Kristy SpenglerSupport
Rep. Tom StevensSupport
Rep. Will StevensSupport
Rep. Vicki StrongOppose
Rep. Valerie StuartSupport
Rep. Donna SweaneySupport
Rep. Tess TaylorSupport
Rep. Thomas TerenziniOppose
Rep. George TillAbsent
Rep. Tristan TolenoSupport
Rep. Kitty TollSupport
Rep. Larry TownsendOppose
Rep. Maida TownsendSupport
Rep. Matthew TrieberSupport
Rep. Don TurnerOppose
Rep. Warren Van WyckOppose
Rep. Sheila VowinkelSupport
Rep. Linda Waite-SimpsonSupport
Rep. Kathryn WebbSupport
Rep. Cindy WeedSupport
Rep. Jeff WilsonSupport
Rep. Philip WintersOppose
Rep. Suzi WizowatySupport
Rep. Mark WoodwardSupport
Rep. Kurt WrightSupport
Rep. Mike YantachkaSupport
Rep. Sam YoungSupport
Rep. Teo ZagarSupport