Roll Call: NY S02230 | 2013-2014 | General Assembly

For additional roll call votes on New York S02230 please see the Vote List
Bill Title: Enacts the NY Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) Act of 2013.

Status: (Passed) 2013-01-15 - SIGNED CHAP.1 [S02230 Detail]

Text: Latest bill text (Introduced) [HTML]

Vote: Assembly Floor Vote - Final Passage

Yea: 104
Nay: 43
NV: 0
Absent: 3

Result: Passed
NameYeaNayNot VotingAbsent
Asm. Peter AbbateSupport
Asm. Thomas AbinantiSupport
Asm. Carmen ArroyoSupport
Asm. Jeffrion AubrySupport
Asm. William BarclayOppose
Asm. Didi BarrettSupport
Asm. Inez BarronSupport
Asm. Michael BenedettoSupport
Asm. Kenneth BlankenbushOppose
Asm. Joseph BorelliOppose
Asm. William BoylandSupport
Asm. Edward BraunsteinSupport
Asm. James BrennanSupport
Asm. Anthony BrindisiOppose
Asm. Harry BronsonSupport
Asm. Alec Brook-KrasnySupport
Asm. David BuchwaldSupport
Asm. Marc ButlerOppose
Asm. Kevin CahillSupport
Asm. Karim CamaraSupport
Asm. Nelson CastroSupport
Asm. John CerettoOppose
Asm. Barbara ClarkSupport
Asm. William ColtonSupport
Asm. Vivian CookSupport
Asm. Jane CorwinOppose
Asm. Marcos CrespoAbsent
Asm. Clifford CrouchOppose
Asm. Brian CurranSupport
Asm. Michael CusickSupport
Asm. Steven CymbrowitzSupport
Asm. Michael DenDekkerSupport
Asm. Jeffrey DinowitzSupport
Asm. David DiPietroOppose
Asm. Janet DupreyOppose
Asm. Steven EnglebrightSupport
Asm. Rafael EspinalSupport
Asm. Patricia FahySupport
Asm. Herman FarrellSupport
Asm. Gary FinchOppose
Asm. Michael FitzpatrickAbsent
Asm. Christopher FriendOppose
Asm. Dennis GabryszakOppose
Asm. Sandra GalefSupport
Asm. David GanttSupport
Asm. Andrew GarbarinoOppose
Asm. Vanessa GibsonSupport
Asm. Joseph GiglioOppose
Asm. Mark GjonajSupport
Asm. Deborah GlickSupport
Asm. Phillip GoldfederSupport
Asm. Andrew GoodellOppose
Asm. Richard GottfriedSupport
Asm. Alfred GrafOppose
Asm. Aileen GuntherOppose
Asm. Stephen HawleyOppose
Asm. Carl HeastieSupport
Asm. Edward HennesseySupport
Asm. Andrew HevesiSupport
Asm. Dov HikindSupport
Asm. Earlene HooperSupport
Asm. Rhoda JacobsSupport
Asm. Ellen JaffeeSupport
Asm. Mark JohnsOppose
Asm. Tony JordanOppose
Asm. Steve KatzOppose
Asm. Brian KavanaghSupport
Asm. Michael KearnsOppose
Asm. Micah KellnerSupport
Asm. Ron KimSupport
Asm. Brian KolbOppose
Asm. Kieran LalorOppose
Asm. Charles LavineSupport
Asm. Joseph LentolSupport
Asm. Barbara LiftonSupport
Asm. Peter LopezOppose
Asm. Vito LopezSupport
Asm. Daniel LosquadroSupport
Asm. Donna LupardoOppose
Asm. Chad LupinacciSupport
Asm. William MageeOppose
Asm. William MagnarelliSupport
Asm. Alan MaiselSupport
Asm. Nicole MalliotakisSupport
Asm. Margaret MarkeySupport
Asm. Shelley MayerSupport
Asm. John McDonaldSupport
Asm. David McDonoughSupport
Asm. Thomas McKevittSupport
Asm. Steven McLaughlinOppose
Asm. Michael MillerSupport
Asm. Joan MillmanSupport
Asm. Michael MontesanoOppose
Asm. Joseph MorelleSupport
Asm. Walter MosleySupport
Asm. Francisco MoyaSupport
Asm. Bill NojayOppose
Asm. Catherine NolanSupport
Asm. Daniel O'DonnellSupport
Asm. Robert OaksOppose
Asm. Felix OrtizSupport
Asm. Steven OtisSupport
Asm. Philip PalmesanoOppose
Asm. Amy PaulinSupport
Asm. Crystal Peoples-StokesSupport
Asm. Nick PerrySupport
Asm. Gary PretlowSupport
Asm. Dan QuartSupport
Asm. Edward RaSupport
Asm. Annie RabbittOppose
Asm. Andrew RaiaOppose
Asm. Philip RamosSupport
Asm. Bill ReilichOppose
Asm. Jose RiveraAbsent
Asm. Samuel RobertsSupport
Asm. Annette RobinsonSupport
Asm. Robert RodriguezSupport
Asm. Gabriela RosaSupport
Asm. Linda RosenthalSupport
Asm. Nily RozicSupport
Asm. Addie RussellSupport
Asm. Sean RyanSupport
Asm. Joseph SaladinoOppose
Asm. Angelo SantabarbaraSupport
Asm. William ScarboroughSupport
Asm. Michelle SchimelSupport
Asm. Robin SchimmingerOppose
Asm. Luis SepulvedaSupport
Asm. Sheldon SilverSupport
Asm. Michael SimanowitzSupport
Asm. Aravella SimotasSupport
Asm. Frank SkartadosSupport
Asm. James SkoufisOppose
Asm. Michaelle SolagesSupport
Asm. Daniel StecOppose
Asm. Phillip SteckSupport
Asm. Eric StevensonSupport
Asm. Albert StirpeSupport
Asm. Robert SweeneySupport
Asm. James TediscoOppose
Asm. Claudia TenneyOppose
Asm. Fred ThieleSupport
Asm. Matthew TitoneSupport
Asm. Michele TitusSupport
Asm. Raymond WalterOppose
Asm. Helene WeinsteinSupport
Asm. Harvey WeisenbergSupport
Asm. Mark WeprinSupport
Asm. Keith WrightSupport
Asm. Kenneth ZebrowskiSupport