Legislative Research: NV AB114 | 2013 | 77th Legislature

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77th Legislature

Revises provisions governing interactive gaming. (BDR 41-97)
[AB114 2013 Detail][AB114 2013 Text][AB114 2013 Comments]
Approved by the Governor. Chapter 2.
76th Legislature

Revises the amount of the fee for issuing and recording a certain permit for an existing water right for irrigational purposes. (BDR 48-209)
[AB114 2011 Detail][AB114 2011 Text][AB114 2011 Comments]
Approved by the Governor. Chapter 385.
75th Legislature

Makes changes concerning compensation to victims of crime. (BDR 16-624)
[AB114 2009 Detail][AB114 2009 Text][AB114 2009 Comments]
Approved by the Governor. Chapter 40.

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