Roll Call: NH HB573 | 2013 | Regular Session

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Bill Title: Relative to the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

Status: (Passed) 2013-07-25 - Signed By Governor 07/23/2013; Effective 07/23/2013; Chapter 0242 [HB573 Detail]

Text: Latest bill text (Chaptered) [HTML]

Vote: OTP/AM 0797H(NT)

Yea: 286
Nay: 64
NV: 47
Absent: 0

Result: Passed
NameYeaNayNot VotingAbsent
Rep. Aboul KhanOppose
Rep. Adam SchroadterSupport
Rep. Alan TurcotteSupport
Rep. Alfred BaldasaroSupport
Rep. Alfred LerandeauSupport
Rep. Amy PerkinsNot Voting
Rep. Andre MartelOppose
Rep. Andrew O'HearneSupport
Rep. Andrew RenzulloSupport
Rep. Andrew SchmidtSupport
Rep. Andrew WhiteSupport
Rep. Angeline KopkaNot Voting
Rep. Anne GrassieSupport
Rep. Anne PriestleyOppose
Rep. Audrey StevensSupport
Rep. Barbara FrenchSupport
Rep. Barbara HelmstetterSupport
Rep. Barbara ShawSupport
Rep. Beatriz PastorSupport
Rep. Benjamin LefebvreNot Voting
Rep. Bernard BennSupport
Rep. Beth ArsenaultSupport
Rep. Betsy McKinneySupport
Rep. Beverly FerranteSupport
Rep. Bianca GarciaSupport
Rep. Bill NelsonOppose
Rep. Brad BaileyNot Voting
Rep. Brenda GradySupport
Rep. Brian ChirichielloSupport
Rep. Brian RhodesSupport
Rep. Brian WazlawSupport
Rep. Bruce HodgdonSupport
Rep. Bruce TatroSupport
Rep. Calvin PrattSupport
Rep. Candace BouchardSupport
Rep. Carol FriedrichSupport
Rep. Carol McGuireSupport
Rep. Carol WilliamsNot Voting
Rep. Caroletta AliceaSupport
Rep. Carolyn GargaszSupport
Rep. Catherine MulhollandSupport
Rep. Charlene TakesianSupport
Rep. Charles FinkSupport
Rep. Charles McMahonSupport
Rep. Charles TownsendSupport
Rep. Charles WeedSupport
Rep. Chip RiceNot Voting
Rep. Chris MunsSupport
Rep. Christopher AhlgrenSupport
Rep. Christopher AndrewsSupport
Rep. Christy BartlettSupport
Rep. Cindy RosenwaldSupport
Rep. Clyde CarsonSupport
Rep. Colette WorsmanOppose
Rep. Curtis GraceOppose
Rep. Cynthia ChaseSupport
Rep. Cynthia SweeneySupport
Rep. Dale SpainhowerSupport
Rep. Dan McGuireSupport
Rep. Daniel EatonSupport
Rep. Daniel HansberryOppose
Rep. Daniel ItseSupport
Rep. Daniel SullivanSupport
Rep. Daniel TamburelloSupport
Rep. David BickfordNot Voting
Rep. David BordenSupport
Rep. David CampbellSupport
Rep. David CoteSupport
Rep. David DanielsonSupport
Rep. David HessNot Voting
Rep. David HuotSupport
Rep. David KarrickSupport
Rep. David KidderSupport
Rep. David LundgrenNot Voting
Rep. David McCloskeySupport
Rep. David MillerSupport
Rep. David MilzSupport
Rep. David MurotakeNot Voting
Rep. David ThompsonSupport
Rep. David WoodburySupport
Rep. Deanna RolloNot Voting
Rep. Debra DeSimoneSupport
Rep. Delmar BurridgeSupport
Rep. Dennis FieldsSupport
Rep. Dennis MalloySupport
Rep. Dennis ReedNot Voting
Rep. Dianne SchuettSupport
Rep. Dick MarstonNot Voting
Rep. Dick PattenSupport
Rep. Donald FlandersOppose
Rep. Donald LeBrunSupport
Rep. Donald WrightSupport
Rep. Donna SchlachmanSupport
Rep. Dorothea HooperSupport
Rep. Douglas CarrollSupport
Rep. Douglas LeySupport
Rep. Dudley DumaineOppose
Rep. E. Elaine Andrews-AhearnSupport
Rep. Edmond GionetSupport
Rep. Edward ButlerSupport
Rep. Efstathia BoorasSupport
Rep. Eileen FlockhartSupport
Rep. Elisabeth SandersOppose
Rep. Elizabeth BurtisNot Voting
Rep. Emily SandbladeSupport
Rep. Eric PalangasNot Voting
Rep. Evelyn ConnorSupport
Rep. Frank ByronOppose
Rep. Frank DavisSupport
Rep. Frank HeffronSupport
Rep. Frank KotowskiOppose
Rep. Frank SaparetoSupport
Rep. Franklin BishopNot Voting
Rep. Franklin TiltonOppose
Rep. Frederick RiceNot Voting
Rep. Gary AzarianNot Voting
Rep. Gary CoulombeSupport
Rep. Gary DanielsOppose
Rep. Gary HopperNot Voting
Rep. Gary RichardsonSupport
Rep. Gene ChandlerOppose
Rep. Gene CharronSupport
Rep. Geoffrey HirschSupport
Rep. George KatsiantonisNot Voting
Rep. George LambertSupport
Rep. George SykesSupport
Rep. Gerald WardSupport
Rep. Gilman ShattuckSupport
Rep. Gladys JohnsenSupport
Rep. Glenn CordelliOppose
Rep. Greg BurdwoodSupport
Rep. Guy ComtoisSupport
Rep. H. Robert MenearSupport
Rep. Harold ReillyOppose
Rep. Harry MerrowSupport
Rep. Harry YoungSupport
Rep. Henry ParkhurstOppose
Rep. Herbert RichardsonOppose
Rep. Herbert VadneySupport
Rep. Howard MoffettSupport
Rep. Ian RaymondSupport
Rep. J. Tracy EmerickSupport
Rep. J.R. HoellSupport
Rep. Jack FlanaganOppose
Rep. Jack HayesNot Voting
Rep. Jacqueline Cali-PittsSupport
Rep. James AguiarNot Voting
Rep. James BelangerSupport
Rep. James CoffeySupport
Rep. James DevineOppose
Rep. James GraySupport
Rep. James GrenierSupport
Rep. James MacKaySupport
Rep. James ParisonSupport
Rep. James VerschuerenSupport
Rep. James WebbSupport
Rep. Jane BeaulieuSupport
Rep. Jane CormierOppose
Rep. Jane HuntSupport
Rep. Jane JohnsonOppose
Rep. Janet WallSupport
Rep. Janice GardnerSupport
Rep. Janice SchmidtSupport
Rep. Jean JeudySupport
Rep. Jeanine NotterSupport
Rep. Jeffrey GoleySupport
Rep. Jeffrey HarrisOppose
Rep. Jeffrey OlignyNot Voting
Rep. Jeffrey ShackettSupport
Rep. Jeremy DobsonNot Voting
Rep. Jill HammondSupport
Rep. Joe DuarteSupport
Rep. Joe ScarlottoSupport
Rep. Joe SweeneySupport
Rep. Joel WintersSupport
Rep. John BurtSupport
Rep. John CebrowskiOppose
Rep. John CloutierSupport
Rep. John GrahamOppose
Rep. John HikelSupport
Rep. John HuntOppose
Rep. John KelleySupport
Rep. John MannSupport
Rep. John MullenNot Voting
Rep. John O'ConnorSupport
Rep. John SedenskySupport
Rep. John SytekSupport
Rep. Jonathan ManleySupport
Rep. Jordan UlerySupport
Rep. Joseph HaganOppose
Rep. Joseph PitreOppose
Rep. Joy TiltonSupport
Rep. Judith SpangSupport
Rep. June FrazerSupport
Rep. Karel CrawfordSupport
Rep. Karen EbelSupport
Rep. Karen UmbergerSupport
Rep. Katherine RogersOppose
Rep. Kathleen HoelzelOppose
Rep. Kathleen SouzaNot Voting
Rep. Kathleen StroudSupport
Rep. Keith MurphySupport
Rep. Kelleigh MurphySupport
Rep. Kenneth GidgeSupport
Rep. Kenneth GrossmanSupport
Rep. Kenneth WardSupport
Rep. Kenneth WeylerOppose
Rep. Kermit WilliamsSupport
Rep. Kevin St.JamesSupport
Rep. Kevin WaterhouseSupport
Rep. Kris RobertsSupport
Rep. Kyle TaskerSupport
Rep. Larry EnmanSupport
Rep. Larry GagneSupport
Rep. Larry PhillipsSupport
Rep. Lars ChristiansenSupport
Rep. Laura JonesSupport
Rep. Laura PantelakosSupport
Rep. Laurence RappaportSupport
Rep. Laurie HardingSupport
Rep. Laurie SanbornOppose
Rep. Lawrence KapplerOppose
Rep. Lawrence PerkinsSupport
Rep. Leigh WebbOppose
Rep. Lenette PetersonSupport
Rep. Leon RideoutSupport
Rep. Lester BradleyOppose
Rep. Linda DiSilvestroSupport
Rep. Linda Harriott-GathrightSupport
Rep. Linda LauerSupport
Rep. Linda MassimillaNot Voting
Rep. Linda TannerSupport
Rep. Lisa DiMartinoSupport
Rep. Lisa WhittemoreSupport
Rep. Lorrie CareySupport
Rep. Lucy WeberSupport
Rep. Lynne OberSupport
Rep. Marcia HammonSupport
Rep. Marcia MoodySupport
Rep. Mariellen MacKaySupport
Rep. Marilinda GarciaOppose
Rep. Mario RatzkiSupport
Rep. Marjorie PorterSupport
Rep. Marjorie ShepardsonSupport
Rep. Marjorie SmithSupport
Rep. Mark McConkeySupport
Rep. Mark WardenSupport
Rep. Marsha PelletierSupport
Rep. Martin JackSupport
Rep. Mary AllenOppose
Rep. Mary Ann KnowlesSupport
Rep. Mary Beth WalzSupport
Rep. Mary CooneySupport
Rep. Mary FrambachSupport
Rep. Mary GileSupport
Rep. Mary GormanSupport
Rep. Mary GriffinOppose
Rep. Mary Jane WallnerNot Voting
Rep. Mary NelsonOppose
Rep. Mary TillSupport
Rep. Maureen MannSupport
Rep. Mel MylerNot Voting
Rep. Melanie LevesqueNot Voting
Rep. Michael CahillSupport
Rep. Michael GarciaSupport
Rep. Michael McCarthyNot Voting
Rep. Michael O'BrienNot Voting
Rep. Michael SylviaSupport
Rep. Michele PeckhamSupport
Rep. Moe VilleneuveSupport
Rep. Naida KaenNot Voting
Rep. Neal KurkSupport
Rep. Nickolas LevasseurSupport
Rep. Norman MajorSupport
Rep. Pamela BrownSupport
Rep. Pamela HubbardSupport
Rep. Pamela TuckerNot Voting
Rep. Patricia HigginsSupport
Rep. Patricia LovejoySupport
Rep. Patrick AbramiOppose
Rep. Patrick BickOppose
Rep. Patrick CulbertNot Voting
Rep. Patrick GarrityNot Voting
Rep. Patrick LongSupport
Rep. Paul BerchSupport
Rep. Paul HackelNot Voting
Rep. Paul HenleNot Voting
Rep. Peter BixbySupport
Rep. Peter HansenOppose
Rep. Peter LeishmanSupport
Rep. Peter RamseySupport
Rep. Peter SchmidtSupport
Rep. Peter SullivanSupport
Rep. Philip GinsburgSupport
Rep. Philip StraightSupport
Rep. Priscilla LockwoodSupport
Rep. Rachel BurkeNot Voting
Rep. Ralph BoehmOppose
Rep. Ralph DoolanOppose
Rep. Raymond GagnonSupport
Rep. Rebecca BrownSupport
Rep. Rebecca Emerson-BrownSupport
Rep. Regina BirdsellOppose
Rep. Richard AmesSupport
Rep. Richard BarrySupport
Rep. Richard BurchellSupport
Rep. Richard EatonNot Voting
Rep. Richard GordonOppose
Rep. Richard HinchOppose
Rep. Richard LeVasseurOppose
Rep. Richard McNamaraSupport
Rep. Richard MeaneySupport
Rep. Rick LaddOppose
Rep. Rick WatrousSupport
Rep. Robbie ParsonsSupport
Rep. Robert BackusSupport
Rep. Robert CushingSupport
Rep. Robert ElliottOppose
Rep. Robert FeshOppose
Rep. Robert GreemoreSupport
Rep. Robert HaefnerOppose
Rep. Robert IntroneNot Voting
Rep. Robert LutherNot Voting
Rep. Robert NigrelloSupport
Rep. Robert PerrySupport
Rep. Robert RoweOppose
Rep. Robert ThebergeSupport
Rep. Robert WalshSupport
Rep. Robert WilletteSupport
Rep. Roger BerubeSupport
Rep. Romeo DanaisSupport
Rep. Ronald BelangerNot Voting
Rep. Ronald BoisvertSupport
Rep. Rose Marie RogersSupport
Rep. Russell OberSupport
Rep. Ruth GageSupport
Rep. Ruth GulickSupport
Rep. Ruth HedenSupport
Rep. Sally KellySupport
Rep. Scott BurnsSupport
Rep. Shannon ChandleySupport
Rep. Sharon NordgrenSupport
Rep. Shawn JasperOppose
Rep. Shawn SweeneySupport
Rep. Sherman PackardOppose
Rep. Sid LovettSupport
Rep. Skip RollinsSupport
Rep. Stella TremblaySupport
Rep. Stephen HolmesOppose
Rep. Stephen KetelNot Voting
Rep. Stephen PalmerOppose
Rep. Stephen SchmidtSupport
Rep. Stephen ShurtleffSupport
Rep. Stephen SprattSupport
Rep. Steve VaillancourtSupport
Rep. Steven BeaudoinSupport
Rep. Steven BridenSupport
Rep. Steven SmithSupport
Rep. Susan AlmySupport
Rep. Susan EmersonSupport
Rep. Susan FordSupport
Rep. Susan TicehurstSupport
Rep. Suzanne GottlingSupport
Rep. Suzanne SmithSupport
Rep. Suzanne VailSupport
Rep. Sylvia GaleSupport
Rep. Syndi WhiteSupport
Rep. Tara SadSupport
Rep. Ted RokasNot Voting
Rep. Terie NorelliNot Voting
Rep. Thomas BucoSupport
Rep. Thomas KatsiantonisSupport
Rep. Thomas SchambergSupport
Rep. Thomas ShermanSupport
Rep. Thomas WalshSupport
Rep. Tim O'FlahertySupport
Rep. Timothy ComerfordSupport
Rep. Timothy CopelandOppose
Rep. Timothy HorriganSupport
Rep. Timothy RobertsonSupport
Rep. Timothy SmithSupport
Rep. Timothy SoucySupport
Rep. Todd SmithNot Voting
Rep. Tom LavenderSupport
Rep. Tony PellegrinoOppose
Rep. Virginia IrwinSupport
Rep. Walter KolodziejOppose
Rep. Warren GroenOppose
Rep. Wayne MoynihanSupport
Rep. Wendy PiperOppose
Rep. William BaberSupport
Rep. William ButynskiOppose
Rep. William FrielSupport
Rep. William HatchSupport
Rep. William InfantineSupport
Rep. William O'BrienSupport
Rep. Yvonne ThomasSupport